Student achievement has become a hot topic in education today, especially with increased accountability for classroom teachers. The ultimate goal for any teacher is to improve the ability level and prepare students for adulthood. Defining student achievement and factors that impact progress is critical to becoming a successful teacher.
Student achievement measures the amount of academic content a student learns in a determined amount of time. Each grade level has learning goals or instructional standards that educators are required to teach. Standards are similar to a 'to-do' list that a teacher can use to guide instruction. Student achievement will increase when quality instruction is used to teach instructional standards.

  • GTU Zonal Youth festival, XITIJ-2019

    GECM students have received 15 prizes in different categories in GTU Zonal Youth festival XITIJ 2019.
    1st rank in folk song solo
    1st rank in group song Indian
    1st rank in western vocal solo
    1st rank in classical instrument solo
    2nd rank in classical solo non percussion
    2nd rank in light vocal solo
    2nd rank in poetry recitation
    3rd rank in Debate
    1st rank in poetry purti
    3rd rank in on the spot painting
    3rd rank in collage
    1st rank in poster making
    1st rank in photography
    3rd rank in installation fine art
    1st rank in overall Music category

  • Ultratech Sparkling stars

    6th sem Student of GEC Modasa Participated in Ultratech Sparkling stars as Mehta Keval, Ankita Choudhary & Saumik Patel and they won the prize of 9000 Rs/- as 2nd Runner Up organized by Ultratech Cement....


    Bhushan Abhik Patel (Sem. 8) from Electronics & Communication Dept. was part of GTU ROBOCON team which secures 2nd rank at National Level in 2019....