Civil Department

Surveying Laboratory

Provides practical knowledge regarding measuring instruments for distance, vertical and horizontal angles, and elevation by performing leveling and transverse surveys and for applying corrections to geodetic observations. The major equipments in this laboratory includes: Total station, Theodolite, Dumpy level, Chains/Tapes, Plane Table & accessories.

Environmental Engineering

Deals with practicals to assess the pollutants of water and air, to assess noise level, monitor the level and type of air and water pollutants. The laboratory is equipped with the latest environmental equipments for evaluating water, noise, and air pollution load, BOD, COD etc. with the equipments like BOD Testing Machine, Multiparameter Testing Machine, and Turbidity meter.

Transportation Engineering Laboratory

It is well equipped with Highway material testing equipments. The major equipments in the laboratory includes: Crushing Value apparatus, Los Angeles Abrasion Test, Aggregate impact value apparatus, Universal Penetrometer, Ductility testing machine, Flash & Fire point apparatus, Ring & Ball apparatus, Stripping Test apparatus etc.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Deals with practical knowledge application of principles in the collection, storage, control, transport, regulation, measurement and use of water by engaging with different flow measuring set-ups such as venturi meter, orifice-plate, pitot tube, rotameter etc., where students can visualize the basic theory.

Mechanical Department

Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power Engineering Lab

This laboratory is equipped with all modern turbomachines and fundamental test set up like a pump, fan, turbine Reynold test set, test set for calibration of flowmeter, Centrifugal pump test set up, Pelton turbine test set up and Axial Fan test set up etc.

Heat & Mass Transfer Laboratory

This laboratory is enriched by modern heat transfer test kit for determining various heat transfer mechanism, phenomenon, and performance of thermal devices viz., Natural convection, Forced convection, Fins performance, Heat Exchanger performance, Thermal conductance etc.

Refrigration & Air Conditioning Laboratory

This laboratory houses the Vapour Compression Refrigeration System, Air Conditioning, Heat Pump set up, Refrigerator for determining the most crucial performance parameters of RAC devices.

Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines Laboratory

Students are greatly beneted by studying the demonstration of the Slider Crank Mechanism, Cam Follower Mechanism, Different Gears, and Gear train Mechanism etc.

Electrical Department

Electrical Machine Laboratory

It provides the students with a chance to put theory into practice, to get familiar with DC machines, Transformers, Synchronous machines and Induction motors, understand their basic principles of operation and offers an opportunity to explore their experimental skills to calculate various parameters and characteristics of the Electrical machines.

Measurement & Instrumentation Laboratory

It provides a medium to the students to study the construction, working principle and calibration of various electrical measuring instruments and transducers.

High Voltage Laboratory

Assists the students in the presence of faculty to perform high voltage experiments for reinforcing the learning of theoretical concepts of impulse voltage generation, di-electric testing, solid insulation testing to name a few and evaluation of results. It inculcates a habit in the students to remain safety conscious in a laboratory environment.

Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory

It provides a platform for the First Year students to understand the fundamentals of Electrical engineering, basic electric wiring, measurement and electric safety. It develops skills in the students which they will need subsequent Electrical engineering laboratories.

Embedded Systems Laboratory

It enables the students to program, simulate, test and interface the microprocessors and micro controllers. The students can do programming using various software. It provides a platform to the students to do multi disciplinary projects.

Automobile Department

Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with modern instruments like modern internal combustion engine test rig, diesel smoke meter, variable compression ratio engine test rig, five gas exhaust gas analyzer etc.

Automobile Electrical & Electronics Laboratory

This laboratory comprises instruments like electrical equipment board, auto scanner and diagnostic tool, cut sections of electrical instrument, etc.

Automobile Engineering Laboratory

This lab is facilitated by demonstrative instruments like disc brake model, multiple clutch model, cut section of carburetor, Diesel jeep of Mahindra & Mahindra, computerized wheel balancer, garage instruments, cut section of steering mechanism etc.

Applied Mechanics Department

Mechanics of Solid Laboratory

The objective of this laboratory is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of engineering mechanics and strength of materials to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments. In this lab various experiments are performed based on basic engineering to measure the material properties such as impact strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, ductility etc.

Concrete Technology Laboratory

The testing and inspection of concrete and concrete making materials like cement and aggregates to obtain quality construction is done in this lab. The laboratory allows the students to perform tests on the materials and also to assess the properties of various fresh and hardened concrete that may affect the performance of concrete members. The apparatus and machines available at the concrete technology laboratory is Sieve Shaker, Compressive testing machine, Flexural Testing Machine, Apparatus for workability measurement etc.

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

Soil Testing is an integral part of soil mechanics and foundation engineering. A proper evaluation of soil samples and analysis of test results is essential for practicing Civil Engineers. Tri-axial Testing machine, Direct Shear testing machine, Unconfined compression testing machine, consistency limit testing apparatus are available in this laboratory.

Electronics & Communications Department

Analog & Digital Electronics Laboratory

It provides the platform for the students to understand the behavior of the circuit related to Analog Electronics and Digital Electronics. The laboratory is equipped with the different experimental set-ups like Lab Station, digital trainer kits provided to the students to do hands-on for observing the response of the circuits and to carry out the testing of the circuits.

Signal Processing Laboratory

It takes care of the understanding and hands-on training of various signal processing techniques and algorithms. It provides ample opportunities for a student to understand various projects of signal processing techniques such as sampling and quantizing trainer kits. Students are encouraged to develop algorithms and implement both in MATLAB and DSP Processors. This laboratory also facilitates students to carry out minor and major projects in the area of Signal Processing.

VLSI & Embedded Systems Laboratory

It provides the platform for the students to understand the architecture and interfacing of microprocessor, microcontroller, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD). The laboratory is equipped with the different experimental set-ups. Facility is provided to the students to do hands-on for testing their programming codes.

Digital Communication Laboratory

It deals with the analysis and manipulation of signals. The equipments like Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), Lab station Amplitude, frequency and phase shift keying Trainer Kits and modulation kits for mobile communication, A M - F M Modulation-Demodulation kits are available in this laboratory.

Computer Engineering & Information Technology


The computer facilities include several well-equipped computer laboratories, a computer network laboratory and a computer help desk which is available to assist students, faculty and administration staff. Most computer laboratories are free from classes and they are available exclusively to the students on their allotted time carrying out their assignments, practicing, researching or for exploring the Internet.

There are total 10 laboratories in the department for performing practical in various domains like Computer Programming, Computer Graphics, Networking, Database Management, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Department has a separate laboratory for computer hardware subjects.

Seminar Rooms

The Seminar Room is a space that seats up to around 120 people. Featuring a large whiteboard, 2 medium-sized tables, a podium, and a projector and small speaker set (in the media closet), fully air-conditioned, the Seminar Room is the ideal location for a guest lecture, a meeting, or a conference. The seminar room is one of the state-of-art facility in the college. It is equipped with the audio system and projection facilities. Lectures of prominent people, seminars and discussions are organized here. The hall is often used for Debates, Seminars, Council meeting and society’s events etc.